About Me

Hello world! My name is Shawn Giroux, and I recently graduated from Manchester Community College with an Associate's Degree in Computer Science (3.94 GPA). Programming is my passion, and I am excited to work with a team of others who share this feeling.

Why Did I Start Programming?

Up until a few years ago, I had not had any real experience in programming. In 2013, a friend of my wife's noticed that I liked playing video games, which lead her to question, "Why don't you make a video game yourself?". I wanted to respond with a thousand reasons as to how this was improbable; however, I then realized that I had already been telling others that if they wanted to program, they could learn from the overabundance of documentation readily available online.

This is where my journey began. Like other beginners, I tried to find the "best" programming language to start with, which was pointless because any language is a good place to start, but I ultimately decided on C# to make a Microsoft XNA game. I attempted some game development tutorials, but realized that I was just copying/pasting and that I needed to learn how to program from the basics.

I began reading these tutorials, and started building a foundation for myself. After being familiar enough to write a text adventure on my own, I realized that I did not want to make video games; I really just wanted to create software in general. It was about this time that I realized my passion for programming and decided that this was the career I wanted to pursue!

What Did I Do Before Computer Science?

Before I started programming, I was a karate instructor. Working as an instructor helped me develop my ability to work with others and helped me realize my passion for teaching. One of the parts about college that I really enjoyed was helping other students understand how to program and find better ways to overcome their challenges. My job as an instructor gave me a lot of characteristics that I believe will be invaluable throughout my entire life and my career. I can attribute a lot of my success and discipline to that position.

On top of helping me build a strong personal foundation, being a karate instructor also gave me a decent amount of free time. Thanks to my flexible schedule, I had the opportunity to write pseudocode between classes, brush up on my math skills, work on projects, and pick up a passion I never knew I had!