Take a look at some of my projects!

Retro Game Store

During the senior capstone course at my college, I worked on creating an inventory management system for the school. Unfortunately, most of the functionality couldn't be added to this website, so I decided to make another website that focused on database interaction.

This was a fun little project that let me try working on a few different things, such as a dynamic search bar.

Languages: HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, Javascript

Content Management System

Although I couldn't add the project to this website, I was able to make a video demonstration. The website dealt with manipulating a database through anadmin account, and I didn't want to unleash that potential to the internet. Unfortunately, I cannot upload the code for this project since my school will be using it.

Languages: HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, Javascript, Python

Chat Server/Client

I made a chat/server client in on winter break after taking an introductory programming class. Winter break made for a great time to learn about deadlines, so I was able to understand time constraints a bit. The code for this project is on my github.

Languages: C#